Thursday, September 8th, 2022
At 0224 hrs this morning, Hambden Fire Department along with automatic mutual aid from The Chardon Fire Department, Montville Fire Rescue, Leroy Twp. Fire Department, Munson Fire Department and Middle...
Sunday, May 22nd, 2022
At 0836 hrs this morning Hambden Fire Department along with automatic mutual aid from The Chardon Fire Department, Middlefield Fire Department, Montville Fire Rescue, Leroy Twp. Fire Department and Mu...
Tuesday, January 11th, 2022
Hambden Fire assisted Middlefield Fire/ Parkman Fire with an outbuilding fire on Shedd Rd. No injuries Occurred.
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No one was injured after a roof collapsed Monday at Hambden Health & Fitness Center in Hambden Township.The roof collapsed around 6 a.m. from the weight of snow combined with rain Sunday night, Ha...
A Northeast Ohio girl is getting a lot of attention for shining a light on a problem at a local hospital. It started off as a simple wish. But has now grown into a full-blown campaign. Ella Rose Tyron...
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Did you know?
Hambden Fire Department was started in 1957 by the Men’s Club. The first truck was purchased by mortgaging Chief Fred Zikursh’s home on Old State Road. That 1938 Ford is being restored by Hambden Firefighters to display at local events!
Hambden was the first volunteer department in the State of Ohio to require all members to be trained to the same level as career firefighters. This improved firefighter safety, as well as improving service!
Hambden Fire Department drafted and helped implement the first dry hydrant law in the state of Ohio! This model for township zoning requires developers of new subdivisions to install a lake and fire hydrant to provide the water necessary for firefighting.



Improvements in equipment over the past 50 years has allowed the firefighters of today to provide service at an unprecedented level of safety and performance. An added benefit of better equipment includes evolving tactics in firefighting. With better fire pumps and larger hose-lines, firefighting today means less apparatus in the driveway and more water on the fire. Automatic aid agreements and standard procedures between neighboring fire departments means no delay in obtaining the extra water or help needed. These agreements also reduce the financial requirements by allowing specialized equipment purchases to be spread out. For instance, Hambden houses a rescue boat and a hazardous materials spills trailer. In return, we have access to two ladder trucks, an air truck, or a six wheel drive Argo if we need them. For the first time in history, we can have direct radio communications to any fire department in Geauga, Lake, Cuyahoga, or Ashtabula County.

We’ve been serving the citizens of Hambden since day one. From pancakes and sausage to clams and steak, fundraisers are a
vital part of our existence. We are active in the Hambden Community Picnic, Memorial Day, & even sponsor the Easter Egg Hunt. We provide  CPR, first aid, and fire extinguisher classes to groups and businesses in Hambden, and have always been involved at Hambden School for Fire Prevention Week. Our fire station is available to civic groups that need to use it.


Emergency Medical Services have reaped the largest benefits of combining technology and training to provide better service. We’ve grown from having a bread truck and some first aid trained firefighters to a team of EMTs and Paramedics operating two Advanced Life Support squads. Our first ambulance is pictured above delivered in 1986. Every EMT and Paramedic is also fire trained, allowing efficient use of manpower. We can transport to three different hospitals, and have access to two helicopter services. Extrication equipment, GPS navigation, and 12 lead EKG transmission to the ER are just a few of the examples of the latest technologies used in EMS. Last year, we began billing insurance companies for hospital transports. This has reduced the overall tax burden to the residents while improving service. Please Check out EMS Billing FAQ for questions about billing.
 Whatever it takes. Most of the work performed on, and in the fire station in the past 50 years was completed by our members, at no charge. For many years, even truck maintenance was completed in house. From changing oil to changing engines. If we can do it cheaper, we will. In fact, we still use a tanker we built on the chassis of an old Hambden plow truck!
We have worked hard to get our equipment on a replacement rotation to improve fiscal responsibility. All apparatus has been paid for in full when purchased, saving the taxpayers monthly finance charges. Although our fire station is more than 50 years old and has undergone several major renovations, it still is sufficient for our present use. We recently increased our staffing to 24 hour coverage.  We continue to monitor both call volume and trends in order to provide the best service possible by the most cost effective means possible. In order to plan for the future, we are currently utilizing a citizens committee to help us decide the most economical and practical ways to grow and meet our future needs. One thing is for sure - we will meet any future challenges with the same creative spirit that answers any call.




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