Thursday, September 8th, 2022
At 0224 hrs this morning, Hambden Fire Department along with automatic mutual aid from The Chardon Fire Department, Montville Fire Rescue, Leroy Twp. Fire Department, Munson Fire Department and Middle...
Sunday, May 22nd, 2022
At 0836 hrs this morning Hambden Fire Department along with automatic mutual aid from The Chardon Fire Department, Middlefield Fire Department, Montville Fire Rescue, Leroy Twp. Fire Department and Mu...
Tuesday, January 11th, 2022
Hambden Fire assisted Middlefield Fire/ Parkman Fire with an outbuilding fire on Shedd Rd. No injuries Occurred.
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No one was injured after a roof collapsed Monday at Hambden Health & Fitness Center in Hambden Township.The roof collapsed around 6 a.m. from the weight of snow combined with rain Sunday night, Ha...
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  1. Is it legal to have an outdoor fire in Hambden?
  2. Can I get my blood pressure checked?
  3. Where can I get a green reflective address sign for my house?
  4. How many fire trucks come if there is a fire?
  5. How much training do the members have?
  6. Do you have paramedics on your squads?
  7. Should I call a rescue squad, or drive someone to the hospital?
  8. What hospitals do you go to?
  9. When should I call 911?
  10. What if it’s not an emergency?
  11. Do I have to pull over for lights and sirens?
  12. Does Hambden Fire Department pay people to stay at the fire station?
  13. Who answers the 911 calls?
  14. Is Hambden Fire Department hiring?
  15. What is the explorer post?
  16. If I were to join, what are the requirements to stay on?
  17. Where does the fire department get its money?
  18. Where do grants come from?
  19. What fundraisers does the fire department do?
  20. Can I borrow tables and chairs?
  21. Does the Hambden Fire Department teach CPR?
  22. Can I schedule a fire truck to visit our block party or can I bring my children to the station?
  23. How many smoke detectors do I need in my house?
  24. What about Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

    Yes, under certain conditions. The State of Ohio requires a permit from the local fire official for any open burning. Only material that grows on your property, (such as tree limbs, brush, etc.) is permitted to be burned. The Hambden Fire Department gives burn permits free of charge to residents for a single day, as long as they meet the following conditions. 1) The size of the fire can be controlled and immediately extinguished by equipment available (such as garden hose). 2) The fire is constantly monitored by an adult, and completely extinguished when left. 3) The fire must be at least 1000 feet from any neighbor’s structure. 4) There is a significant distance between the fire and structures. We recommend 1000 feet. 5) The smoke is not directly affecting any neighbors. The Hambden Fire Department may reject a request for open burning for several other reasons, such as especially windy or dry periods, burning bans issued by other authorities, or past neighbor disputes. Single day permits can be obtained by calling the station at 285-3329 on the day you would like to burn, between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

    Yes. Simply stop by the station during daytime hours, or call us and set up a time at 285-3329.

    We have the signs at the station. They are $10, and include the numbers for both sides of the sign. They can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Call the station, 285-3329 or stop in.

    Hambden Fire Department has one station on Old State Road. We have 2 engines, 2 tankers, 2 rescue squads (ambulances), a jeep, a pickup truck, a Chief’s car and a Ford Explorer chase car. The first engine and both tankers respond to the fire, while the other engine responds to a water source (hydrant or pond) to provide water for the fire. If the emergency involves a fire in or close to a building, we utilize automatic aid with other departments. “Mutual aid” involves us calling another department for a specific piece of equipment when needed, whereas “automatic aid” is done immediately. For example, a reported house fire in Hambden brings a tanker from Montville, an engine/tanker from Chardon, an engine and air truck from Munson, along with Hambden’s apparatus. This arrangement is adequate to handle most fires on the initial alarm, saving time, tax money, and most importantly, your property. If the first arriving unit finds the fire is out, the automatic aid departments are promptly cancelled and returned. Hambden also provides this service for those fire departments as well, but at least one engine and one tanker remain in Hambden Township at all times. 

    Hambden Fire Department was the first, and still one of the few departments in the State of Ohio to require the 240 hr. firefighter training for all members. The state requires 240 for career firefighters, but only 36 for volunteers. We require this to maintain a high level of quality, as well as keep our firefighters as safe as possible.

    Hambden has over 20 EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) on the department that are qualified to transport people to the hospital. In addition, we presently have 8 paramedics, with another 3 in school. Both rescue squads are fully paramedic equipped, and in 2004, we had a paramedic available on the initial alarm over 75% of the time. If a paramedic is requested by our EMT crew when one is not available, we can call mutual aid from another department. In addition, we have converted our heart monitors to include AEDs, and have 2 additional AEDs on other vehicles. All members are trained in these lifesaving devices annually.

    We suggest calling a rescue squad if someone is having a medical emergency. Injuries that are serious, or could get worse should also be transported by ambulance. Patients with minor injuries that can walk should usually be driven to the hospital, keeping the ambulance available for emergencies. If you’re not sure, dial 911.

    Although our medical control is Geauga Hospital, we can transport to Hillcrest if a patient requests it and is stable. We do not transport to doctor offices or other hospitals out of the area. If someone is having a medical emergency that dictates the need to get to a Cleveland hospital, our protocol states that we transport initially to Geauga Hospital. Patients are then transferred with an ambulance or helicopter, as needed. Life threatening injuries sometimes require immediate transport from a scene to a trauma center. In this case, helicopters are called directly to the scene and transport directly to the required facility.

    Whenever you have an emergency. An emergency is defined as a situation where lives or property are in danger. When in doubt, call 911.

    If you have a question or problem that is not an emergency, call the station first at 285-3329. If there is no answer, dial 286-1234 for help.



    Ohio law requires drivers to pull as far to the right as possible and stop until an emergency vehicle passes. Emergency vehicles pass on the left whenever possible.



    Hambden Fire Department is still considered a volunteer fire department, but is staffed during the daytime when many volunteers are at work. After 11:00 pm, volunteers respond from home with pagers.




Who answers the 911 calls?

    The Geauga County Sheriff’s Department monitors our 911 lines 24 hours a day. They are able to send the calls to pagers carried by our members, alerting us to the type and location of the call. Two-way 800mhz radios in the department vehicles, as well as some portable radios carried by officers and some paramedics can communicate directly with the dispatchers.



    Hambden Fire Department is always looking for more members. Members must be 18 years old, and pass a physical. We require basic fire training for all members, which we will pay for. Upon completion of the 240 training, we will pay for EMT and paramedic for those that are interested. We do not hire specifically for daytimes, but fill those spots with members. We also prefer potential members that live within 10 miles of the Hambden Township.



    The Hambden Fire Department Explorers are teenagers 14-18 years old that are interested in learning more about careers in the fire or emergency medical services. Exploring is affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America, and is open to boys and girls that are 14, and completed with the 8th grade. Call the station at 285-3329, or visit



    After your initial training, we only require attendance at 10% of the emergency calls, (approximately 4 per month), as well as attend 24 hours of department training per year.



    The Hambden Fire Department is a private, non-profit organization that contracts with Hambden Township. Our expenses are primarily met by the fire levies passed by the voters in Hambden. Fundraisers and grants are also used to keep taxes down.



    Some grants are available from the Department of Homeland Security. Hambden Fire Department has received 2 grants (10% matching) from the federal government, totaling $159,840. The State of Ohio also has EMS grants available, which we usually are awarded annually. These total around $5000 each year, and are used for equipment and training. Occasionally, private companies and other organizations offer grants, which we have applied for.



    The Hambden Fire Department uses fundraisers to supplement our budget. We hold a rib roast in May, and two clambakes in the fall. We sell Christmas trees after Thanksgiving, and occasionally sell football or NASCAR pool tickets. We also participate in several community events that usually break even on expenses. Some include the Memorial Day pancake breakfast, Easter Egg Hunt, and Hambden picnic (Bondstown Bash in August).



    We allow residents to borrow tables and chairs when they are available. Call the station 285-3329 to make a request. Call as early as possible, as most weekends in the summer fill quickly. We do not charge for the use, but do accept donations to replace them.



    We teach CPR classes to groups in Hambden free of charge. If you need certification for yourself, call the station 285-3329. We’ll check on upcoming classes, and possibly forward you to the closest class.



    No problem. Call 285-3329 to set up a time.





    We recommend one on every level, and one in every sleeping area. For instance, if you live in a single story house, but have bedrooms on both ends of the house, we recommend one on each end. Can’t afford one? We’ll pay for it. Call the station at 285-3329.



    Carbon Monoxide detectors are vital in houses that use wood, propane, or natural gas to heat and use. All electric homes can benefit when vehicles are stored in an attached garage or carport. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless, and deadly. When gas fueled appliances are working properly, slight amounts are carbon monoxide are emitted. Dangerous amounts occur when there is a problem. We suggest at least one in your home, and should be placed between the sleeping areas and the possible sources of carbon monoxide. When purchasing one, choose one with a digital readout level. This will allow you to monitor the level in your house constantly. They usually read “0”, but could read up to “8” if placed too close to appliances. Anything over 10 is a potential problem, and most alarms sound at 35. If you have an alarm sounding, a reading higher than it normally is, or have unexplained illnesses, call 911 to have us check it out.

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