Thursday, September 8th, 2022
At 0224 hrs this morning, Hambden Fire Department along with automatic mutual aid from The Chardon Fire Department, Montville Fire Rescue, Leroy Twp. Fire Department, Munson Fire Department and Middle...
Sunday, May 22nd, 2022
At 0836 hrs this morning Hambden Fire Department along with automatic mutual aid from The Chardon Fire Department, Middlefield Fire Department, Montville Fire Rescue, Leroy Twp. Fire Department and Mu...
Tuesday, January 11th, 2022
Hambden Fire assisted Middlefield Fire/ Parkman Fire with an outbuilding fire on Shedd Rd. No injuries Occurred.
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No one was injured after a roof collapsed Monday at Hambden Health & Fitness Center in Hambden Township.The roof collapsed around 6 a.m. from the weight of snow combined with rain Sunday night, Ha...
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Dry Hydrant
It's a
Dry Hydrant




 What is a dry hydrant?
    A dry hydrant is a non-pressurized pipe permanently installed in a pond that provides a supply of water to a tanker truck. Fire crews hook their hoses to the hydrant and create a vacuum with suction to get the water flowing. The time to fill up a tanker through this system is about two minutes. This means there could be an uninterrupted water supply. This would greatly improve fire fighting capability of rural fire departments, and save fuel and reduce the cost of operations. The installation of these systems on alternate water supplies can provide year-round water sources for fire suppression. Installed in strategic areas, dry hydrants can become the "water supply system" for rural fire departments where pressurized systems are either not available or where lines are to small to support needed fire flows. In many cases dry hydrants are called upon to supplement pressurized systems in municipal areas where low water pressure exist or where back-up systems are desirable for emergency preparedness. Dry hydrants can also be used in tanker shuttle operations and provide an excellent source of water for pump test. Equal ISO credit can be obtained on dry hydrants as would be obtained on a pressurized hydrant. Credit can be earned in several categories: inspection, water supply and. Flows may be considered at the point of use, within a 1,000 feet, or may be transported to another location using a water shuttle.
What Can Dry Hydrants Do For You?
  A well planned and designed dry hydrant water deliver system can improve the fire fighting capability of rural fire departments, save fuel, and reduce operation costs. Dry fire hydrant systems ensure an adequate water supply in areas where conventional fire protection is not available. Without the availability to deliver large volumes of water to the fire scene, even the best fire departments are hampered trying to prevent loss of property and lives. The hydrants conserve energy by using raw surface water instead of treated drinking water, and they save time by reducing the travel distance between a water source and a fire scene. In addition, adequate water supplies can reduce fire loss, save lives and lower insurance costs. Improved fire protection can stimulate economic growth by making an area more attractive to homeowners and developers.
Benefits of Dry Hydrants:
· Improve Fire Protection
· Conserves Water (raw vs. treated)
· Saves Money
· Saves Energy
· Lowers Operating Expenses
· May Lower Insurance Premiums

What can you do to help the Residents of Hambden Township:

   If you have a dry hydrant in your pond or stream please keep the area clean of snow, debris and vegetation to not block access from the fire department.


Please remember that you can save somebody's house and or life by maintaining a dry hydrant!

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